What Makes a Business Successful?

Have you ever looked at another rockstar business and wondered, “What are they doing? I need to learn from them!”

Me too! In fact, I spent so much time studying other people’s social media accounts, business plan, and ideas that I didn’t do the most important thing.

Be myself!

It is important to learn some key points, but don’t get wrapped up in it. I remember it taking me hours to post on social media, because I learned so much that I was trying to make it fit perfectly. I spent precious hours of my day and still heard crickets, because I was trying to be like everyone else.

So, what can you do to stand out? One of those things is to be yourself unapologetically. Research your target market to see what they are interested in and bring your flare to that space.

There are a lot of fitness coaches out there. I know, I was one. Everyone was always telling me to find a target market of people that would connect with me, but I never quite understood that. Doesn’t everyone want to be healthy? Sure they do, but they if I’m talking to all of those people then none of them are really hearing ME. Which means they are not connecting with me.

Do you know what your qualities are that make you stand out? Do you know the type of person that will connect with you?

Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Who do I want to help?
  2. What do they do for fun?
  3. What is their biggest obstacle?
  4. How can I help them?

Now figure out how to add your flare. Write down 5 hobbies and/or things you enjoy?

Here is my list:

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Chocolate & coffee
  3. Animals (especially my dogs & cats)
  4. Reading
  5. Traveling

Spend time talking about these things, post about them on social media, ask new clients about their family & hobbies, include it in your blog posts, join groups based on these things.

The point is that people will want to work with you if they trust you and feel a connection. Your connection will come from the things that make you YOU!

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