Reach Your Goals in 2019 with One Word

Setting our New Year’s Resolutions is just around the corner – only a couple more weeks! More than likely you’ve already started thinking about them though.  Maybe, you are just thinking about one big goal, or maybe you have one goal for each major priority in your life. I want to dive into the idea of having just ONE word that will propel you into accomplishing ALL those goals. 

Over the past few months I’ve really been digging into figuring out why I haven’t been successful in reaching goals in quite a few years. A few things came to my mind – lack of follow through, lack of focus, and focusing on the past. Can you relate?

With that knowledge, I now have the power to change it. I have the power to move forward and reach the goals that I set. The one thing that stuck out to me is a lack of focus or trying to focus on too many things. So, I asked myself, “how do I change that?”

The answer was, “be laser focused on ONE thing. Once you hit that one thing, THEN move on to the next.”

The last few years I heard of others choosing a word for the upcoming year. In fact, last year I chose the word, “purpose” and I think it did help – but more on that later. With this new found focus, it only made since that I would implement and choose a word for 2019. 

With this one word, I will be more decisive – does this decision lead me to this word and direction for this year? I won’t have to feel pulled in 100 different directions and feel overwhelmed by all you want to accomplish. I can say “no” without guilt. I can have laser focus and be secure in where I’m headed. 

Would you like to live out 2019 with less guilt, be able to make decisions quicker, feel confident in the direction you’re going, and have faith that the goal you set out to achieve will happen?

Then, I suggest you find a word for 2019. Live by it, believe in it, and be happy in it. 

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