Questions to Ask a Virtual Bookkeeper When Hiring for Your Home Based Business

Are you looking to delegate and clear some things from your plate? Hiring a bookkeeper is a great way to do that. They take away the headache of tax time and tracking/categorizing expenses on a monthly basis. Even if you’re just starting out in a home based business – this is one thing you should delegate first!

You may be surprised to learn that the best bookkeepers will ask you tons of questions. This is because they want to know as much about your business as possible and get an idea for where your bookkeeping is currently. Will they have a lot of clean up or catch up to do? Is there a system you already use? Etc.

But, you should still be able to get some questions in during the consultation to make sure you will work well together. Don’t be surprised if your bookkeeper is very adament in how they want to do your bookkeeping. They are very knowledgable in this area and they know that it is super important to play by the government’s rules.

What are some questions you should ask?

  • Do you have experience in the direct sales/network marketing industry?
  • If yes, how many clients have you worked with in this industry?
  • What made you interested in becoming a bookkeeper?
  • How much time per month will I have to spend giving you information?
  • How often will you send me a profit & loss report? What information will that give me?
  • What is a 1099? Will I receive one or have to provide one?
  • Is my bank or credit card statement enough or do I need more?

These are all great questions to get to know them, test some of their knowledge – specifically knowledge about the home based business industry.

A great bookkeeper will be more than happy to answer your questions. Comment below if you have any questions or think of some other questions that were vital when you hired your virtual bookkeeper.

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