Is the Goal, “Make More Money,” Killing Your Business?

The main goal of owning a business is to make money, right? We can’t keep our doors open if the patients and money aren’t coming in, so it makes sense. But, are you placing too much focus on this goal?

You went into your specific line of work because you saw a gap in the market place, you wanted to fill it, you wanted to make a difference in some way. Once the doors are open, that goal is pushed to the wayside. We start worrying about how we’re going to pay rent, what we need to do to get people in the door, and whether spending thousands on advertising is worth it.

We start to stress and our focus turns inward. We almost forget what we are there to do in the first place. We start seeing patients and customers as dollar signs instead of a life that can be changed because of what we offer. Maybe you have never felt this way, but as a small business owner that has worked with other business owners, I have known this to be true.

The sad part is that our customers sense this. They know that they are not your main priority, but money is. This instantly turns people off. If you felt like someone just wanted your money would you continue to do business with them? Probably not.

So, how do we fix this? After all, we do need money to pay the bills and stay in business long enough to make the difference we set out to make. The number one thing I believe we can do is switch our mindset, turn our intentions back to providing amazing service to those that we already serve, and learning about those we don’t yet serve. Make it your purpose to talk to as many people as you can each day and try to fill a need that they have. Maybe you can refer them to a realtor, give advice, or maybe just giving a compliment. Not only does this feel good, but people are going to see you CARE about them. It will be felt and you will be trusted, leading to more people walking into your office for your services.

It’s not always easy, our worry can take over. If you do this one thing and have faith that it will work, then it probably will.

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