Is it Safe to Hire a Virtual Bookkeeper?

Your business finances are important and it’s vital that you have a professional you can trust taking care of them. So, when you see a virtual bookkeeper, you may wonder if it’s the best option.

First, bookkeepers have access to your books and a “read only” view of your bank/credit card accounts. Meaning, we can’t get into your accounts and take money. We can only SEE the important information and work within the bookkeeping software to categorize your transactions.

If you have a lot of bills that come in and you need someone in accounts payable, then you want to make sure you are giving a thumbs up on all the money that’s going out. A good virtual bookkeeper will tell you this is their normal practices.

A small tip if you have accounts receivable and payable, try to have separate people doing it, or at least a good checks and balance system to avoid embezzlement.

Listen to your gut. This goes for a virtual or local bookkeeper. I think it’s also important to recognize that a business that has a location in your city is a sense false security. The values of the person is what matters & it doesn’t matter whether they have an office front – they could still swindle you just as easily.

Online Security. There are tons of systems that offer up the best security. All bookkeepers should have security in place so your information isn’t falling into the wrong hands.

Video Conference. If it’s your thing, try to set up a consultation or some type of video meeting with your bookkeeper. Seeing them just helps to settle nerves. Most virtual bookkeepers will offer this or ask for a consultation before even getting started.

Short answer. Yes, they are just as safe, useful, and well worth the investment.

If you would like a list of questions to ensure it’s a bookkeeper you can trust, you can find it here. (Coming soon)

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