Save Your Time For What You’re Great At. Let Us Do Your Bookkeeping!

You own a business. You don’t need me to tell you why you started it. You love what you do…and you’re good at it. That doesn’t include tracking your expenses each month and having a secure accounting plan in place. 

Every month you have a nagging thought that you should be tracking your expenses better, but you just don’t have the time. You know it’s important for taxes. Yet, you have no idea where to start or what you can write-off.

“I knew that my bookkeeping needed to be done. I promised myself that I would stay on top of it through the year. Instead, just like the year before, I found myself rushing and super stressed about taxes. I wasn’t sure what I could write off, I had this huge list of bank statements to go through, and I just wanted to be spending time building my business. That’s where Alyssa came in. She did my previous years catch-up and took over my monthly bookkeeping. Now, I can confidently take my expenses to my CPA and know I have all they need.”

The Bookkeeper Who Understand Our Home Based Business Industry!

With 8 years in network marketing/direct sales and 5 years in bookkeeping, Alyssa speaks your lingo! There are a lot of great bookkeepers and CPA’s, but they just don’t understand our industry. We’re not like a brick and mortar store. We receive commission, team bonuses, lifestyle bonuses, we have office space in our home, and so on!

You have a great opportunity to save on your taxes, but only if you’re organized and have the knowledge of what write-offs fly. You can spend your time trying to learn all the accounting stuff, and still not be sure you’re saving all the money you can or safe during an audit.

Or you can hire a professional and feel confident that all your information is correct. Know that you’re getting all the write-offs you can. Know that if you’re audited – you have everything you need.  

  • Schedule a consultation to get guidance on the best package for your business, or choose your own now. 
  • Schedule a meeting with Alyssa to gather all key information.
  • We set up your QBO Self-Employed Account.
  • Don’t worry about sending us your bank/credit card statements. Your accounts are connected to QBO, so they automatically transfer over.
  • We categorize and reconcile your expenses
  • We email if you have any questions
  • You will receive an email when your books are complete.
  • If your package includes monthly financial statements, you will receive these by the 10th of the following month.
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Free Inventory Tracker 
  • Monthly Q&A/Training Call 
  • Email Support – Receive response within 24 hrs.

To make sure we are providing our top-notch personalized service and proactive approach, we have a limited number of new client spots available. If you would like to be considered for one of our new client spots, sign up for your free consultation today.

Do you just want to get started? Go ahead and pay our “Mini” monthly fee now! There may be additional charges depending not the current state of your books & how many transactions you have each month.