Easy Ways to Save Your Chiropractic Office Money… Without Trying

Save Chiropractic Money


You love what you do as a chiropractor, but dang! That overhead can be killer. Loans for the tables, x-ray & therapy machines, rent, electric, office supplies, music, etc. It’s a lot, but there are easy ways for you to save a little bit of money without trying too hard. Saving money is pretty much one of my specialties. Just ask my husband, he will vouch for my money-saving crazy ways. 

Turn off all lights, radios, televisions, and machines when they are not being used.

We would always wait until about 8:45am (we opened at 9) to turn on all the lights, music, etc. Then we would turn it all off again during lunch and only turn it on 15 minutes before we started seeing patients again. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you leave every light, TV, radio, and machine on for 8 hours, it adds up!

Skip the janitorial service

Have your CA’s come in an hour early to clean up the office and take Friday afternoons as a “deep clean” day. Don’t have CA’s yet? Take 20 minutes after your last patient to wipe down all the tables and equipment, and sweep the floor. Then it will be ready for you in the morning.

Keep a lean inventory system.

You don’t need 20 pillows or 50 ice packs. Will you have to order them more often? Yes, you will, but it’s better to order more often than to have hundreds of dollars sitting in a cupboard collecting dust.

Re-use and recycle

Use the back of paper that has already been used as your “notes.” We would always print the note section on the back of scrap paper for the doctor to take her notes. This was much more efficient for her (she didn’t have to type it in the system), and we saved on paper.
You can always use the same folders, envelopes, rubberbands, and paperclips. No need to buy more!

What do you do to save money in in your practice? I want to hear about it! 🙂



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