Hi! My name is Alyssa, or "Superwoman." You decide 🙂 

You may not understand this, but I love numbers, organizing messy books, and explaining financial reports. I’m still a little confused on how I find that stuff fun too, but who am I to argue with who God me to be? Instead, I’ve embraced it so I can give small buisness owners a small piece of their sanity back. 

Stop worrying about if your books are up to date, a bill is past due, or if your financial statements are ready to show potential investors. You have more important things to worry about, like: enjoying your life, finding new customers, networking, spending time on what you're good at, and building a thriving a business that you can be proud of. So, I take one of the most vital tasks that just causes you a headache, mix it with passion, and have a BLAST! 

Many people love me because of my superwoman powers listed above. However, I  don’t think my husband, Kyle, appreciates me nagging him to keep all of his receipts. (Oops! I just can't help myself!) My 5 furbabies, Q, Bravo, Jasmine, Sky, & Arurora, on the other hand… love me unconditionally.

When I’m not saving you money, I’m reading a good book with a  piece of chocolate (or 10) and a hot cup of coffee, or I’m on my own personal heaven.. the volleyball court!

Okay, okay.. enough about me! I want to hear from you. So meet me over on my Facebook page – I’ll be waiting. But before you go, make sure you grab your copy “The 7 Costly Bookkeeping Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make" (and how to avoid them).