Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More – 3 Must Do’s

3 Things to Keep Your Clients Coming BackAll of us love obtaining new clients, but it’s even better when they become our regulars, right?!

Regulars have great testimonials, they bring referrals, and they keep you in business. It only makes sense that we want everyone to turn into our tribe. But, its not just going to happen. They make us work for it.

So, how do we keep them coming back for more?

1. Build a relationship. 

People want to do business with people they feel comfortable with.

It seems like common sense, but you would not believe the business owners I see just trying to make a buck. I’m sure you have dealt with one of them as well. They give off a “I don’t really care. I just want your money,” type of vibe. Is that someone that someone you will give repeat business to? Probably not.

Ask your patients and clients about themselves.

– What do they like to do for fun?
– How long have they been in their current career?
– Are they married or have kids?

The answers to these questions gives you something to talk to them about and maybe even connect on, making your relationship that much stronger.

2. Always Over Deliver

This could mean that you give your client a timeline of one week, but you finish their project in 2 days. You look like a superhero! You could also provide your clients with an extra 10 minute meeting with you.

What can you do to over deliver?

3. You’re Worth It. 

You must show your clients the value they are receiving by working with you.

For years, I tried to do everything in my business – even tasks I stunk at – it would take me hours to do someone else could have completed in 5 minutes. About two months ago I needed a professional PDF made. I jumped on a website called Fiverr, posted my “project” and within 36 hours I had a professional PDF for $10. The best part was the peace of mind and lack of frustration.

My point here is that if my mentor wouldn’t have begged me to outsource, I would still be doing things that waste my time. Your clients must see, feel, and understand how you are making their life easier and more enjoyable.

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